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Vedic / Yogic Conception


keep-calm-and-namaste-40When I told about myself in my first post, I did not mention something very importante about myself (my deepest apologies for that) – I am a yogi, very much into not only yoga exercises and stretches but also Vedic sciences, such as astrology and ayurveda. I do mantras and meditate. And I’m a vegetarian. A very fancy specific name would be lacto-vegetarian,  which means that the only animal products I consume is dairy, but meat, fish and eggs is a no-no for me.

I went vegetarian about three years ago, and soon thereafter discovered yoga and all the yogi/vedic stuffz revolving around it and went a bit fanatic about it all. That’s how I roll in life – I’m either indifferent or fanatic, crazy and bananas. Before the yoga I did try the raw vegan thing (a lot of bananas), but that didn’t work out for me in the long term because I struggled getting enough calories in and lost about 5kg, which doesn’t sound much but for the fragile, delicate flower that I already was that was precious weight. I ended up being about 48kg, undercarbed, weak and confused about what to do with myself and my principles – I wanted all this to work so badly because not consuming corpses did made me feel a lot better, acne went away, menstrual cramps went bye bye, better sleep and everything was just better, except that I was quickly fading away. So, ayurvedic diet swooped in and saved the day, I quickly regained the missing kilos and it has worked very well for me ever since. Praise Shiva! 😀 just kidding. 

Where am I going with all this yoga stuffz? At the yoga centre there are lot of different interesting classes/lectures given about various topics, and among them, of course, was a course about pregnancy and babies. Being a wannabe mum, I attended that and now have about 150 pages of notes in a Word document. I thought it would be interesting to share a topic from this course – suggestions about what a woman should and shouldn’t do before conceiving. They are mostly spiritual, coming from the Vedas and it’s pretty much impossible to meet all the requirements. However, they are pretty entertaining, at least to me. So, let’s get into it!

  • No sleeping/napping during the day – daytime is meant for working and you’re only supposed to sleep at night time. Also, bedtime is 10PM, for at least 7 hours. If a future mummy sleeps during the day then the baby will be lazy and always sleepy. This does not apply when you’re already pregnant or new mummy, for as long as you’re breastfeeding.
  • No crying – if a woman cries a lot, her future baby might have bad eyesight.
  • No running – that destabilizes vata dosha (this is an ayurvedic thing, google it).
  • No talking too much – pointless blabbing, gossiping, etc. not good, future baby will not be talkative, or the opposite – will talk too much. This is because by talking you lose a lot of energy.
  • Must not be in loud places – such as nightclubs, for example. Future baby might have hearing problems.
  • No physical overload – baby might have high vata dosha.
  • No chemical medicines, no antibiotics.
  • Clarity of thoughts – must try and see something positive in everything and every situation, even in bad things. If not positive, then at least with a sense of humour. Your positive and happy mind will attract a happy baby soul.
  • Go out and be in nature and in sunlight a lot – nature cleanses your mind, spirit (isn’t that cheesy? :D). The sun gives you energy and heals you, but – sun is good in the morning until 11 or 12 o’clock, depending on climate zone and season, and then after 3 to 5 PM until sunrise. At noon the sunlight is damaging instead of healing.
  • Purity in relationships – sort out relationships with family members, parents-in-law, etc. Peace with everyone so that you don’t have to address any negativity and stress out about relationshit issues when pregnant.
  • Fix teeth.
  • Fix back problems, posture – round shoulders mean negativity and pessimism, eyes are aimed downwards instead of looking straight forward or up. Also the chest compressed which means shallow breath, low oxygen levels in blood.
  • Clean eating – obviously, no alcohol, smoking and other junk. Also preferably no coffee, no refined sugar and sweets, artificial sweeteners in diet, no fizzy drinks, etc. Before even starting conception it’s good to give your body a cleanse of some sort. Nothing too drastic though, otherwise the body will get shocked and all doshas will destabilised, which isn’t good and can even result in miscarriages, so careful with dieting please! Clean diet also applies to the partner, you want to have good quality egg AND seed.

That’s an incomplete list of dos and don’ts before conception. I will share similar suggestions about actual conception and pregnancy time in the future. Some of those are just crazy. 😀

I personally am a big sinner when it comes to these “rules”. I don’t sleep during the day, but it’s difficult for me to go to bed early, I sometimes manage 11PM bedtime, but usually it’s after midnight. I try not to stress about things too much and do cry sometimes, and always upon getting a period. I don’t think the no crying rule can be achieved by any normal woman and if you can do it – either praise and cudos to you about being so strong, calm and balanced, or good luck living without a heart! 😀 Next – no running and no loud places are the only rules I comply with easily. Talking is a problem for me. I might not talk pointlessly to people much, but one thing I wish I could have kept to myself is talking about ttc with friends and family. I do believe that it is best to not talk about your plans to anybody because by doing so you waste the energy that you could actually spend on implementing the plans. Also, everyone is expecting a result from you, which means pressure, and if you fail, it’s just so disappointing to tell them about it then. Yet, I just can’t keep my mouth shut! Even this blog is contrary to that principle. But oh well,  whatever, I can’t be otherwise… 


Forgive me Shiva and future baby, but clarity of mind and thoughts is also where I’ve sinned. I get angry sometimes, but who doesn’t? I did stop watching the ever so violent Game of Thrones so that I wouldn’t pollute my mind with all that addictive awfulness. But then I played a PS4 game “Far Cry 4”, where all you do is kill, kill, kill. And I got all the trophies in it. Well, I comfort myself with the thought that at least the game involved doing good karma to the good people and it takes place in fictional kind of India, there is a lot of yoga stuff in it, like temples and whatnot. Still, shame on me! 😀

Medicines rule is also a failure because last month I got cystitis and had to take antibiotics. Luckily I didn’t turn out to be pregnant that month. I still cried though. Nature rule – sorry, ain’t nobody got time for that! I will try to go on walks and be outside in the spring and summer, I promise! I have bad posture too, and my back is just crackalicious. My yoga exercising motivation comes and goes and it goes more than comes. I am so lazy… 

I do try to eat clean, with the occasional cake or other sweets. Except coffee is my weakness – recently I’ve managed to not drink any coffee at all for a month. I asked my partner to hide the coffee so I wouldn’t get tempted. Otherwise I have absolutely no willpower whatsoever. Ha ha!

Nobody’s so perfect that they can meet all these requirements, so I just try to do my best but don’t put too much pressure on my self, no stress. It is what it is. 🙂 The first and most important rule is to love yourself as you are, love life and love your partner. Everything else is just suggestions. 🙂


Introducing – me and my journey trying to conceive a baby


Hello world in my first ever blog entry ever. Don’t really know what I’m doing, I guess this is going to be like shrink sessions for me – letting my thoughts and feelings off my chest, and also documenting my journey to having a family. I don’t really care if anybody reads this or not, but if you are here – welcome and hope you enjoy living through it with me.

So, in short about me – my name is Baiba and I am a 31 years old Latvian woman, a translator. Languages has always been my passion and skill, and one of the benefits of this profession is being able to work from home, which for me personally is heaven. Sleeping in longer, no need to spend time and money to travel to work, or to worry what I’m going to wear. If i want to, I can spend the entire day in my jammies. Ho lazy am I? Ha ha! I have always wanted a family, have a partner, get married, have children. Right now, pretty much all my girl friends have accomplished this task. My two best friends are married and both have two children. Me – I haven’t gotten further than getting a partner who wants all these things two.

So, nearly two years ago I met my man Bob (not really Bob, but he doesn’t want his name on here). Actually, I didn’t really meet him – he is from the UK, we stumbled upon each other online, started talking and fell in love with each other. But getting to meet was a real struggle, as karma did not let us meet for about seven months up to my birthday when I was basically ready to give up if anything else went wrong. Oh, the stress and emotions I went through back then, that was a bitch. But that’s a different story for a different time. Anyway, eventually he moved to Latvia about a year ago and lives with me now.  He left his job to come live with me, in the not so nice country that is Latvia – a shithole compared to UK. For various reasons our life together is very much not easy, but I love him so so much, he is my world.

From day one of meeting, we have been trying to make a baby, but unfortunately have not yet succeeded. It’s something I want so much that it hurts. Every time I get my period it’s a tearfest. Hopefully we will succeed, in which case, this blog will turn into pregnancy blog and a baby blog after that. But until then, anybody who reads anything I write will be wanting to ask: “Would you like some cheese with that whine?”

In short about the process of attempting conception until now. In the first few months we just carelessly spent time together and didn’t really get tense about result, with a mind frame that it will happen when it will happen and a baby knows best when to arrive to this world. No stress about the baby making, also because we had other things in our lives to get stressed about. In some months we failed simply because we didn’t have much sex because of his aches and pains (due to a past injury he is in pain pretty much all the time) at the time that I was supposed to be fertile. Well, my mind frame has changed now and I have started to worry that there is something wrong with me. Maybe I’m just paranoid, I don’t know. For a bit I was trying to take ovulation tests, yet they all came back negative, don’t know if it’s because I didn’t do them on the right days or because there just was no ovulation. Recently I’ve been thinking to try and address that with doctors and see if I’m fertile at all. That is scary and I’m still clinging on to hope that it will happen, that everything is fine with me and that conceiving just simply takes time. So no doctors for now. I might give ovulation tests a try again some time soon. I have always had a cycle calendar, and have tracked the fertile times, but recently I (finally) downloaded an app that is much more in-depth all about conceiving, fertile days, measuring basal temperature, and registering all kinds of other details every single day. I hope that will prove helpful with our conception struggles.

That’s about it, nothing more to add about our general situation. More detailed posts to come in the near future. Wish myself luck and strength, I guess. 🙂