Well, that escalated quickly! :D


Like I’ve mentioned in my first blog entry, I and my partner have been trying to conceive for about a year. At the time of creating the blog, I felt like conception is still going to take forever and was upset with lack of success so far. I had done my fair share of crying upon every period I got. And…. this month, when I least expected it – I’m pregnant! And it is so so surreal!


Two pretty stripes!

The timing of the little one arriving to my uterus is quite ironic. Since I know little something about vedic astrology, it came into my mind over a month ago, that I should look at what would be the astrological situation in 9, 10, 11 and so on months from now. My conclusion was – as much as I want to be preggo ASAP, it looks like it would not be the best time for the lil’ nugget to be born in November/December this year, but the situation looked much better if I would conceive in May. Planetary placement was just a bit better. So I thought to myself that I’m gonna relax now for two months until May, and to be honest, I was just tired of hoping and expectations. March was a month when I thought – I kind of don’t want to get pregnant now. If I do, good, but I wont’t put any efforts into it.

The next piece of irony – we only made love once last month! ONCE! This was because my partner had a small injury, which just caused him enough pain to not be interested in sex. We only did it once when I was in the mood, and even that wasn’t during the supposed ovulation according to my phone app, but barely in the beginning of my fertile window. Apparently my eggs won’t be told wen to pop. πŸ˜€ I feel like my change of attitude worked as reverse psychology on the little baby soul. LOL

I didn’t take a pregnancy test until a week after my period had to start, but I kind of knew that I’m possibly pregnant. That, or something wrong with my genitals. Because a week after the conception, during Easter, I got a seriously painful sharp stabbing pain in the area or my left ovary after I stood up too quickly. After that I got some more sharp pains, again, upon sudden moves, or even when I sneezed – it felt like I have a pincushion down there! So, my uterus was and still is very sensitive. That made me concerned that it could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy, but fortunately it’s not so.

Another strong sign was waking up one morning about a week ago, feeling like I’m hungover and drunk, very strong dizziness. That subsided a little after I had a good meal. The dizziness is almost always present recently. πŸ™‚ I do try to stay carbed up and eat enough.

And lastly, what also made me suspect pregnancy, is basal body temperature stayed roughly the same all the time, with no drops or increasing. I have only taken BBT for barely two months, so not a lot to see what the patterns are, but I had at least last month’s data to do a comparison.

So – happy days! I’m pregnant and happy, and also grateful for my change of attitude, which I think contributed to getting pregnant.

I was told during yogi classes about pregnancy and babies a couple of years ago that when a woman conceives, she feels instantly that she’s pregnant. Like, you can feel that there is another, unborn soul in you, feel its presence. And just intuition. During all the previous months of trying, this statement actually served me wrong, I got attached to it, and every time I tried to figure out if I feel anything, I thought that maybe I do feel like I could be pregnant. I basically had the feeling every month, and sometimes even my partner was saying that he has a feeling that this month might be it. But all it was is make-believe, self inspiration. A bit like paranoia, only about a positive thing. This time, I guess I did know, but not until a week after conceiving, and it wasn’t because of spiritual feeling, but because of actual symptoms and logical signs, as described above. And because I already was almost sure that I’m pregnant, the positive test was not a surprise for me, I wasn’t jumping up and down and screeching in joy and happiness. I was just calm. Just calmly sat on the toilet, smiling, having my morning poo…. LOL Something to tell my child when they grow up – when I found out, I was having a sh*t. Hilarious! πŸ’©


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