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Nine weeks pregnant!


Whoop whoop! I’m nine weeks pregnant and had my second gynecologist visit two days ago. By the looks of it, everything is going well and ultrasound looked good – looked like a little nugget. The cheesy smile on my partner’s face when he saw our baby on the screen and heard his/her heartbeat! I’m hoping for a boy, but he wants a baby girl – isn’t that typical!? ha ha!


Sending love vibes to the little nugget!

It is mother’s day tomorrow, and I’m planning to tell my mum as a part of mother’s day gift. 🙂 I bet she will be very happy, she’s been waiting for this to happen. I remember us last autumn taking a walk and coming across a field of pennycresses, which, according to my mum, are good for fertility and libido. She read about that in some book about natural herbs and remedies. So we picked a lot of those to be dried and used as tea. Sorry mum, I’ve never even tried it though, there is still a container of the stuff in my kitchen cupboard. Something else must have worked then. 🙂 I did follow another advice of hers – relaxed and had some wine before making love! Or was that after making love? I don’t remember anymore. 😀

So, the last few weeks have kind of been calm and easy emotionally, apart from a few things to worry about. The initial supposed baby bump has become smaller, so the bump previously was evidently just gas an food/poop. 😀 Physically it hasn’t been so great. First of all, I had such a bad rash down there, very painful and itchy too. And right where my bum-cheeks rub together when walking to add to that (sorry to those who see this as too much info). So for about a week I couldn’t do much and was mostly just lying on the couch with legs wide open – not as an invitation though sadly. 😀 My theory was that some kind of dormant STI in my that got woken up by all the hormones and stress that the body faced with the new inhabitant. But, according to the gynecologist, that might be because of a yeast infection, which causes my discharge to be irritable to the skin, causing rash. Well, who knows, I don’t really feel like that’s the case, but whatever – that’s finally gone away. 🙂

Apart from that problem, well a lot of symptoms that I’ve been dealing with, I feel like I’ve got the whole package. I do feel nauseous all the frikkin’ time, but it isn’t like a normal nausea. I basically feel like I’m hungover and still slightly drunk all the time, or like I’ve had something bad to eat. Luckily, I haven’t thrown up yet, and hope I won’t have to. I was very close to it one moment when I decided to eat some plums before bead. for some reason, my body doesn’t really like fruit that much anymore. There are still a few weeks until the end of the first trimester, after which the nausea should end. Hopefully, I can happily wave goodbye to it without really having to puke. So far, so lucky, I guess.

Another not nice symptom is the never-ending fatigue. I’m just so tired all the time, and even getting off the coach makes me out of breath! Luckily I work from home, so I can nap, unless I have a lot of work. You’re supposed to be active during pregnancy, exercise and go on walks, etc. But even going on a short walk, I’ve felt like I’ve walked a thousand miles. It does seem to subside a little in the last few days though – I have even been able to do some short exercising and stretching. And that also helps with the next symptom – the headache. That kind of happens rarely. I had a day this week when the headache started early in the morning and lingered all day long, and I also had to work a lot, so couldn’t even rest much. What I found helpful eventually in the end was a hot shower.

It seems like everyday there is something else physically wrong with me, lol. I counted that I’ve had to deal with about a dozen of symptoms in these nine weeks: dizziness, nausea, low tummy cramps, headaches, tender breasts, bloating, gas, constipation, fatigue, shortness of breath, rash, and just general acne. I love to complain, don’t I? Nevertheless, I’m happy and calm and braving through everything, looking forward to the goodness of the second trimester to kick in. I’m positive that everything will be ok, and I’m just happy. I’m also happy that I haven’t had to deal with too much emotions, at least not in a bad way. I can feel like crying when watching something sad or touching happen in a movie, but all in all I feel grounded and haven’t turned into a whiny-angry bitch yet, and hope I won’t.

Watched “What to expect when expecting” the other day and the best, funniest thing in it – “I just wanted the glow! Instead, I got everything but that!” Ha ha! I want the glow too! 🙂

Happy mother’s day to everybody! You are all heroes! :*