Maternity Clothes


Today is such a good day! Call me the economist because I just bought maternity jeans for 75 cents! As the song goes – This is fucking awesome!!!

I’ve been researching where to buy maternity clothes, especially jeans, as my normal skinny jeans are super tight on my tummy now, so I need some new, bigger jeans with bump support. Bump isn’t big yet, but still.

I don’t like spending more than 20 euros per a piece of clothing as it is, I’m super economical like that, always looking for good offers, so to find that normal new maternity jeans can cost around 40 euros – it’s just a NO! So I researched some more forums online about this topic, and apparently, many women have found such jeans in Humana second hand clothes shop. I never go to those, and I’m not really in favour of wearing something that has another person’s energy and their karma with it. But for the sake of saving money, I did – there just so happens to be a Humana shop near my home. Despite the old clothes smell there, which wasn’t too hard to bear, they did just so happened to also have maternity jeans and trousers. Not a big range of them, but I found a good fit that looks good on me, and it’s even H&M Mama! It also happened to be a day when everything in the shop is 75 cents. On a different day I would have spent 4 euros on those. I Looked online on H&M online store, found a similar pair of Mama jeans, and they cost 39.99 euros. Save save save! I’ll probably grow out of these ones anyway and will need to buy a bigger size soon. 😀 I also bought a pair of jean shorts and the yellow T-shirt (in picture), which is Reserved brand, for the same scanty price.

Other clothing I don’t plan on buying as specifically maternity wear because tops and jumpers come in big sizes in shops as they are. It seems like the second anything is sold as maternity clothes, the price goes up significantly.

So there you have it – praise Humana! 😀 LOL!


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