Almost 18 weeks pregnant


In three days I’ll bet 18 weeks pregnant. Two more weeks from that and I’ll be halfway! Good job! πŸ™‚

Yesterday I had my regular pregnancy check-up with my gynecologist, and everything looks OK, he listened to the baby’s heart tones, measured my blood pressure, I weighed myself, and everything looks good. My blood and pee was taken for testing, I’ll be able to see the results online in a day or too probably, but all in all I’m sure they are fine because I feel good overall, I’m taking my vitamins, and trying to eat healthy and stay active. Trying – not always I do that. Some days it is still just me and the couch, and then other days I overdo it.

I had two symptoms I had to complain about – stabbing round ligament pain and my tongue, and both of which require me to take even more supplements… ugh.. I don’t want to turn into a pill eating machine, but whatever, you gotta do what you gotta do.

So the round ligament pain occurs when I’ve been walking too much, or it is just there regardless of what I do. One day me and my partner went on a walk which usually would be fine, but now it turns out it is a bit too far for me. The second part of it was just stab-stab around the area of my ovaries on each step. We’ll be going to UK in two weeks where we are planning a stay in London, going sightseeing, etc. That’s gonna involve a lot of walking, so I hope I won’t be in pain all the time because of it. I’ll try taking extra supplement Magnesium + B6, which is supposed to help, or some no-spa. Other than that, apart from being caused by too much walking or strain, for two days I just had the pains for no reason. It might be because of a hormone or growth spurt in there, which caused the ligaments and everything else stretch a lot and quickly. So I was just mostly on the couch again for those two days, moaning in pain from time to time. For those two days, food and gas passing through my intestine was also very painful. Thank god I work from home and don’t have much work lately, and can pass gas with no judgment from anyone. It was really basically pain pain pain, moan moan moan, fart… and a sigh of relief. πŸ˜€ lol. Speaking of farting (sorry, I know, not very ladylike), when you’re pregnant, tumblr_ne3200Jmw81qbmm1co1_500your dignity goes out the window and you get a lot of gas that you just cannot hold in, even if you try because the hormone relaxin makes everything in your body relax, includingΒ your anal sphincters. I’m mostly home, so that means less embarrassment for me and it’s just funny (my partner doesn’t care, thankfully). Has anybody else had a situation where they accidentally fart, and start chuckling about it, and on each “ha-ha” some more fart comes out? LOL!

Returning to my pains, another piece of info that nobody will enjoy reading, but I want to be truthful, so – sorry but not sorry. The pain also appears when I use the toilet, have a pee, that is. My theory is that as the bladder empties, it vacates some space in the tummy and that makes the uterus move towards it slightly. And that causes pain. For those two days the peeing has been a moanful experience for me. And after that, I walked back to my beloved couch or anywhere really, like a frikkin Quasimodo the hunchback because I just couldn’t stand up straight because of the pains. Well, my partner said he already sees me getting an epidural when I give birth. We’ll see about that! Challenge accepted! πŸ˜€

In the evening of the second day of pain I tried to do some stretches and yoga for pregnancy, and felt so much better that I even did some squats in the end. So that helped. Although, just before bed I went to pee and again, Quasimodo was crawling back to the bed…

Enough about all that pain and and pee and farts. The other thing I complained about is tongue inflammations that I’ve been having for the past few years but they have become worse and more often lately during pregnancy. So I went to consult with an oral pathologist and his diagnosis was migrating glossitis or geographical tongue. You can google it but I don’t suggest doing that, the pictures on there are mostly 100 times worse than what I have and they are just cringeworthy,Β so please don’t. Basically my tongue has a thinner protective layer or whatever, and therefore, more vulnerable to inflammations if I eat any spicy or vinegary food, which coincidentally is food that I like the most. Anything pickled, salads with vinegar dressings, chili olives, ginger, wassabi… mmm… :p So I get a small dot of red on my tongue if I eat anything irritating. Normally it would heal and go away, but for me it expands into a circle through my tongue, the middle of the circle is what I can call glossy, hence the name glossitis, where my taste buds have died off, and are in the process of healing and renewing. And the edges of the circle are red and inflamed, sensitive. According to the oral pathologist doctor, this is mostly genetic, but can be treated with a B vitamin complex. And it is worsening for me now because my greedy baby is sucking me dry of nutrients, squeezing me out like a lemon. Before pregnancy this tongue situation would go away in a few days if I eat neutral, non-acidic, non-spicy food (was not very good at that either, so it got quite bad sometimes), but now when I last had it, my tongue just hurt as it is, and from anything that I ate, except milk. Even apples or watermelon hurt my tongue. Not a good time. This isn’t anything too bad or deadly, it doesn’t affect my or my baby’s health, it is just an annoying discomfort. I’ll start taking the B complex supplement and will see if that makes things any better.

Enough of moaning, I also have good things to share. πŸ™‚ Right when I turned 16 weeks (or 4 months) pregnant, I felt the baby move for the first time! I had done some yoga stretches in the evening and was just laying in shavasana for a few moments, mentally talking to my little nugget, with my hand over where he/she is approximately. And I felt some light strokes of movement in there. I wasn’t sure at first that it was actually real and actually the baby that I feel because most sources say that the first time you can start feeling it in the first pregnancy is around 18-20 week, and only women who have already given birth before, would recognise the movements earlier than that. One of my friends who has 2 kids said that I’m just imagining and it’s just gas that I’m feeling, etc, and she first felt it in 20 weeks, which felt like popcorn popping inside her. However, now that almost two weeks have passed since then, I’m sure it is the baby. As my partner’s mum said – you know your own body and if you think that you feel it, then you feel it. Exactly true! Two days ago, I even felt not just light strokes, but an actual punch/kick. That just makes me feel so lovey-dovey, it’s a proof that the baby is actually real, I am actually carrying another live being in me. πŸ™‚ And it feels weird and surreal at the same time. Now that I recognise it, I’ve been noticing that it’s moving quite a lot, it’s like a little break-dancer or a parkourist, doing somersaults in there. Ha ha! πŸ˜€

My bump has gotten quite big now, especially when I’ve eaten, I’m showing a lot. Wearing it loud and proud! πŸ™‚

I’m now booked for the second official ultrasound, which is in 10 days, right before leaving for UK. Hoping to find out the sex of baby, we’ll see if it has some cock’n’balls or or not. πŸ˜€ I had an idea where I could ask everybody to guess what colour baby socks I’ve bought, and after everybody’s on the edge, expecting gender indications of pink or blue, I’d say – green!!! πŸ˜€ I might do dat! Poot! πŸ™‚


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