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Pregnancy Brain or Momnesia


pregnancy brain

Since almost the very beginning of pregnancy I have been experiencing pregnancy brain or momnesia, which is quite funny. I’ve been very forgetful and just have done some stupid things that I and my partner can have a laugh about. I am easy going, no stress, relaxed and chilled, which is what it should be like ideally during pregnancy. I haven’t been too emotional in a negative sense, I’m just at peace with everything, except the aspect of where to give birth and the plan after the birth, but my mind is not too much occupied with that. I’m just a happy mummy to be and everyone around me is also supportive.

I think theoretically pregnancy brain occurs for the reason that the mum needs to be calm and not stress, distance herself from tense and stressful situations. The hormones and whatnot relax your brain and body and momnesia is a symptom of that.

I needed to write down a list and have a good think about the things I’ve done or forgotten so far, otherwise I would forget that too! So here is my momnesia list, which will get added to, as it’s only been a bit over three months:

  • On doctor’s appointment, when registering with him, I had to state my age and couldn’t remember if I’m 31 or 32, so now my pregnancy documents say I’m 32, although I’m younger.
  • Was cooking a meal for myself and forgot to turn the gas hob off when I was finished, had my meal, watched some TV and only then realised it’s been on all the time.
  • Constantly keep forgetting to turn the bathroom light off. Quite embarrassing but according to my partner I have also forgotten to flush after No.2 and left him a “present” in the toilet. Very rare, but it happens. Good thing my man is understanding and doesn’t complain or make me feel bad about it.
  • Made a trip to the regular doctor appointment in vain, only to realise that my appointment was actually the day before.
  • Once after coming home after a long tiring day, I forgot to lock the door, so anyone could have come and visited us. 😀
  • After getting home from shopping for food, I put a package of pasta in the freezer.
  • Friends came over for a board game night and I cooked pizza. A while after serving it and returning to playing games, a friend noticed the oven is still on – I forgot to turn it off.
  • Forgot to indicate while driving once. That’s unsafe but thankfully nothing bad happened. I do try and be in more focus while driving, and mostly I’m good and careful on the roads.
  • Constantly keep losing things at home, look for them for a while until my partner points out that what I’m looking for is right in front of me and I just don’t see it. He says that normally he would start looking for the lost object too, but now he doesn’t rely on my brain and at first checks whatever is in front of me. This is the new normal.
  • I’ve gotten really lazy and all I want to do is stay on the coach and watch TV shows, especially One Born Every Minute, I’ve reached season 6 now. Lazy to the point where I’m in my pajamas all day, see showering as a burden, especially if it’s time to wash my hair. Sometimes I don’t even comb my hair for days, which is kind of beneficial because it falls out less then, so less of it everywhere. Lazy with dishes too, and loads of clothes pile up, waiting on me to iron them. Only my partner has cleaned up the flat since I’ve been pregnant.
  • I sleep like a baby at nights because I have a baby in me, which for me is one of the upsides of pregnancy. I’m always pleasantly weary in the end of the day.

When it comes to working, I’m good and focused, the work quality is not affected, but as soon as work ends, focus ends too.