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40 weeks pregnant! Baby, come out!


Here we are, I have reached full term of pregnancy. I weigh 72 kg; bump circumference has reached 110cm. Today I’m actually two days overdue already, yet I don’t feel like giving birth yet, I don’t see any signs of approaching labour. Overall I feel great, I don’t have much of any pains, don’t feel tired (unless I’m active, I’m still lazy though).


Hopefully the last bump picture of this pregnancy

There were two days over a week ago, when my hips hurt a lot suddenly to the point where it even hurt to walk, it was very painful getting inside bed and positioning myself comfortably. At that point I was certain that labour will start in a day or two, otherwise my hips wouldn’t be doing that. It literally felt like someone had taken a hammer and smacked my bones into many small pieces. However, that pain went away, and my hips are almost OK now. There is still some of the old hip pain there, but I can live with it very well.

Last time I went to doctor, everything looked good or even excellent – heart tones, baby’s positioning, my blood pressure. I did blood and pee test, and turns out these have improved too, as I no longer have iron deficiency anaemia, ferritin is within norm and haemoglobin has risen to 113 (below standard for a normal person, but good for me). That I’m very happy about.

Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve managed to stay healthy and not get ill, except the time when I had stomach flu. I was hoping to stay healthy for the rest of the pregnancy but, unfortunately, I did catch a cold last week and was a bit poorly. At first, my tonsils were swollen and painful for 3 days, then that went away but I had a sore throat and a slight cough for a couple of days. That has gone too, but now I’m still dealing with a stuffy nose. All in all, I’m happy that all of this came in a light form, with no high temperature, and I managed to deal with it naturally, and nothing progressed to a cold badness. I’m also happy that labour didn’t start while I was in this not so good condition.

This week we also managed to do shopping for the last things baby will need – crib bumper pads and a changing surface for the wardrobe, which we have finally also received and which I assembled. We also got a festive fake Christmas tree with built-in fibre-optic lights, which I was joyfully jumping up and down about. That is the first Christmas tree I’ve had since living away from parents, and although it’s small, I love it and it means a lot to me. Now there is one little wrapped gift under it, waiting for Christmas.

Everything seems to be done now, and we are completely ready for the baby to come. I hope it will come soon, at least soon enough that I wouldn’t have to get induced. I trust that the baby knows his own karma and when he needs and is supposed to come. And I hope he knows I don’t want him to tear my vagina apart completely. Well, I don’t want a C-section either, so if a slightly torn vagina is what it takes to not be cut open to get the baby out, I’m even OK with that.

Tomorrow is my hopefully last doctor appointment before the birth, we’ll see how we are then. Who knows, maybe labour will have started even before this appointment. Only the baby knows with his karma situation.


38 weeks pregnant and engaged!


The first snow came and went, now the second snow has come with the first advent. I’m starting a two-week countdown to my due date. I’m now with my most precious thing in the world – the couch. My days recently are spent sitting on it, binge-watching a Turkish soap opera online. Very unlike me, I don’t really like soapies, but I saw one episode of this one while visiting my parents, and got hooked! It’s a never-ending drama, intrigue and cliff-hangers. I don’t go out or move around much, for which I do feel a bit guilty, I should be more active. I promise, I’ll try to do better!

The only pregnancy symptoms remaining recently is the hip pain, which I’m used to. I tend to have more intense training contractions, which come on more at those few times when I’m not sitting on the couch and am somewhat active. One of those times was a few days ago, when me and my partner went shopping for a week’s worth of food. Good thing I had a shopping trolley to support myself on, as the contractions were pretty much back-to-back constant, and the bump hurt in between them from how the baby is moving in there. Must be a funny sight, me bending over all the time at the shop to relax.

The bump is stretched out to the max and very itchy, I feel bad for the little peanut, he doesn’t have much space to move around anymore, he can just slightly stretch his limbs and change the position of his feet from one side to the other. It’s OK, the day of freedom is getting closer and closer.

I also have gotten some small stretchmarks – not on the actual bump surprisingly, but on my sides, although nothing really seems to be that stretched out there. I hope they will disappear without scarring later, as they look like they’re in the deeper layer of the flesh, not the surface of the skin.

In hopes to prevent or at least lessen tears, I’ve started doing perennial massage on myself – not a very pleasant process to be honest. During pregnancy, everything down there has gotten very sensitive and different. I saw a video on YouTube where episiotomy is performed during birth – no, I don’t want that! And I probably shouldn’t have watched that… No, no, no, no, no!

I’m almost ready to give birth – all the lists are checked off, hospital suitcase is ready, baby has a GP, I’ve written a birth plan, his bed is waiting next to ours. The only thing missing is his wardrobe with changing surface – the shop I ordered it from is late. I ordered both the bed and wardrobe six weeks ago, and have only gotten the bed. Must call tomorrow and demand my stuff, it’s been too long! Because of this, all baby clothes, toys and other things are lingering in his pram and bed. I’m frustrated that I can’t put everything in its own place.

My mum brought me some wool and knitting/crocheting sticks, so yesterday I not only sat on the couch, but also crocheted baby booties by following instructions given in a YouTube video. Finished the first bootie, started the second, and realised when I was halfway through the second that it’s a lot smaller than the first! I had such a laughing fit because of this, with laugh tears, that was so funny! Shared a picture of them with my family – dad said the baby wouldn’t know the difference anyway! LOL! Eventually I took the bigger one apart and crocheted a new one, then they both matched more or less in the end.




The ring!

It was my birthday last week. I had a nice and peaceful day with no guests, my partner cooked me dinner while I had cake. We had a skype call with his parents and unpacked presents that they sent me for my birthday. After that call, my partner presented me with his gift – a ring, and not on the phone! We were both holding back tears, as he gave me a touching speech, got on one knee and proposed. I said yes, of course! We are now engaged, I’m so very happy about it and can’t wait to be his wife! I feel so blessed for all the good things that have come my way this year.

35 weeks pregnant!


Holy guacamole, this is getting real! The birth is approaching inevitably. I’m not freaking out or anything yet, trying not to be scared. I’m trying to look at labour as hard work, that’s why it is called labour. My bump circumference is 106 cm, and I weigh 68 kg on my home scales (70 on doctor’s scales, for some reason they always show 2 extra kilos). Baby seems happy and active mostly, he’s having hiccups as I write this – that happens every day.


I’m still achy in the hips and pelvis, especially after doing yoga where focus is on stretching and opening hips a lot. After that I do feel like sticks and stones have broken my bones! Hopefully though it is for the best and will ease the birth. In addition to the good old hip pain, I’m also experiencing difficulty breathing, like my nose and airways swell up, especially in the evenings, and I feel like I’m choking. I don’t know if the reason is the dry air due to central heating, or maybe the baby is laying on some blood vessels, restricting blood flow. Also, for a few days I was experiencing hormonal fluctuations, which caused me a few pimples, which I don’t mind, these are the least of my worries. But they also brought on a range of negative emotions. I was angered to the point of tears about what now seems small, insignificant things. Cried my eyes out one day because there was not enough natural daylight to successfully take bump pictures so that they wouldn’t be blurry. Picked myself up the next day, but still felt like crying over little things. Cried a bit about finances melting like butter on a hot sunny day.

Another day, a week ago I kind of had a good day where I got a lot of things done – I went to yoga in the morning, came back home, had a snack, then went to a car workshop to put winter tyres on, and after that went to Baby City shop to buy a bathtub for baby. On the way to the baby shop I needed to pee badly, and was already moaning with pain on the way there in the car. However, when I got out of the car – that’s when it got real! I felt like I can’t move and take a single step because the baby’s head was laying right on my bladder and it felt like it’s the heaviest bowling ball ever. With difficulty, holding on to my partner, I made it to the toilets. Felt so much better after, such a relief. We could move on with buying the baby bathtub. Apart from the peeing thing, seems like a good, resultative day, yet when I was finally home, I crashed onto the coach and all I could do is cry, the long, tiring day and the pee situation had gotten me. This time I didn’t let it continue for the rest of the evening, I let the tension and the tears out, wiped them off after a moment, picked myself up and moved on. I’m proud of doing so because I know how much my emotions affect the baby. Previously, after the first day of depression over the bump pictures, I barely felt the baby move or kick in the belly the next day. So, the sadness and depression gets to him too. I must keep it together for him. Should do things that make me happy.


Sooo pretty! I love how every smallest twig has a fluffy white blanket!

The first snow came like a ray of sunlight – something nice, instead of the gloomy, cold and wet autumn weather. Now the snow is covering everything like a thick fluffy duvet, I feel so Christmassy! I listened to the Coca Cola Christmas song over and over, it’s so cheery! This might be the first Christmas away from my family, but I hope it will feel special, with our little bundle of joy as the biggest gift we could have.


Hospital suitcase almost done

I’m slowly getting things checked off the baby-related list. The baby now has a GP, hopefully I’ve made the right choice, the doctor seemed nice when I met her. Have also packed 90% of the hospital suitcase. I now still have to write down a birth plan and I have to wait for baby furniture to be ready. For some reason the shop where I ordered the furniture has not been answering the phone yesterday and today. I hope that doesn’t mean that I will have to start over with the furniture…

This week I had the third and final ultrasound, and Hallelujah, everything is ok! The baby is laying with his head down, is still a boy – saw his balls. Ha ha! He weighs about 2.4 kg, which means he could be about 3.5 kg when I give birth, depending on when that happens. If he comes after the due date, he’ll be bigger. According to the ultrasound specialist, the growth rate now is about 300 grams a week, and my diet affects it. That seems quite a lot. I feel a bit anxious about it, considering that I crave sweets a lot and can’t resist mostly.

Something I wanted to do but wasn’t sure it would happen is a pregnancy photoshoot. As always, the reason why not is finances. A photoshoot would mean a few pretty pictures that make me a bit poorer. In the end, I was presented with an opportunity right when I was doing research about it, and me and my partner decided to go with it. We did a half-hour long shoot and paid 40 euros for it. I enjoyed it a lot, very positive, we giggled a lot, I felt pretty and…. fluffy would be the word, I guess. I think I’ll be blushing, red faced in half of the pictures though, that’s what I’m like. It takes for someone to look at me and it seems like all the blood in my body rushes to my face within nanoseconds. To my surprise, my partner did very well with posing. Up to now he has hated pictures of himself being taking, and him posing for a photo has meant that he just stands there frozen with a weird poker face, no smile, no emotion whatsoever. So, that was nice and positive. About 3 weeks to wait for the pictures, which seems like eternity now. The photographer was very nice too, telling us what to do, what positions to take and implemented the ideas I had too.

For now, that’s all from Ms. Bumpiness!

33 weeks pregnant!


I am almost 33 weeks pregnant, bumping along, only 7 weeks left until the due date. Thinking more and more about birth, especially because I’m reminded of proximity of labour every time I get a fake contraction, aka a Braxton-Hicks contraction. Mostly they are just uncomfortable, but here and there I can also get a bit painful one, which makes me practice some breathing and relaxing. It will be hard and I hope I’ll be strong enough and will be able to bear all that eminent pain.

I am looking forward to meeting my baby, holding it in my arms for the first time and look into his eyes. At the same time, I feel like it’s going to be a bit weird not having a baby bump anymore, I think I’ll be feeling empty without it. But what I’m really looking forward to is feeling normal, being able to switch sides in bed or stand up without pain in my hips. And I’m hoping that my body won’t look flabby and weird with loose skin on the tummy. Thank god, I still don’t have any stretchmarks, and hope I won’t have any, although they can pop up in the last week of pregnancy. What I have noticed I do have is cellulite, which is bad, but easier to fix than stretchmarks. So praise Shiva and pray to him about all this.

Apart from the painful hip situation, I’m feeling alright. My main focus physically now is to not fall ill – it is autumn, it is cold and damp outside, which makes many people fall ill. I don’t want that but have been on the edge of getting ill for a couple of weeks, so now I’m avoiding being outside for too long, as the cold air instantly irritates and makes my throat sensitive. That sucks because I’d like to go on a walk and be active in fresh air, but because of this I can’t do that and am stuck at home mostly, which is boring and a bit depressing.

My pregnancy brain is manifesting lately as well, lots of small things that I forget but it also got dangerous once. I was driving home with my partner and was approaching a traffic light for a pedestrian crossing. The light went red but somehow my brain registered that as red for the pedestrians, not me. In shock I watched how many shameless people were “braking the rules”, crossing the street during that “red” light, whilst seeing me approaching in my car. I even was about to beep them to show how shocked I was and that you can’t do that. Luckily I had my partner next to me to look out for things like that and he returned me to reality, by repeating “Red light!” three times. Only then did I realise that the red light is for me, not them, and stopped just in time. Thank god for him, because I don’t think I would have stopped, and don’t know how that situation would have ended without him. Not a nice glitch in my brain.

I’m almost done getting baby products and essentials, only a few things left to get. We ordered a 3in1 pram on ebay, cost us 315 euros, which is dead cheap for a normal quality product. I just don’t see the point in spending big money on things like that, some prams cost even over a thousand euros, and that’s just insane! You can buy a car for that! I’m satisfied with the purchase and happy that I could cross one major purchase off the baby list. Another expensive thing to use with the pram and car seat is Lodger Bunker footmuff, which is like a very warm sleeping bag for the baby for winter especially. That cost me around 80 euros. I was thinking of buying a used one cheaper, but these things apparently are so popular and in demand, that as soon as anyone posts an advert about selling theirs, it’s sold and gone within minutes, if not seconds. We have also ordered a crib and a wardrobe with changing surface for the baby, which should be ready in about two weeks.

I also have enough baby clothes and have been washing ironing them recently, which is very tiring and time-consuming. The new-born clothes need to be ironed both from the outside and inside, for the time period while the baby’s belly button is healing. Today I washed the last load of baby clothes and will iron them tomorrow most likely. That is when I’ll be ready to start packing the hospital bag. Excuse me, no – the hospital suitcase. It’s literally like going camping, you need to take so much stuff. I’ve only put in there a labour set of diapers and pads for me, a sterile labour set, and a package of diapers for the baby, and the suitcase is already half full. This is ridiculous. My partner keeps joking, saying: “Don’t forget to pack the kitchen sink!”

Another thing to strike off the to-do list is filing for pregnancy leave money, which I have done, and already got the money, which will have to last for about three months I think. All I had to do is get a sick-leave certificate from my doctor, go to the state social insurance agency, fill in a form, and file both these to an employee. I can apply for the next lot of money – childbirth support – only 8 days after the baby is born, which might be around Christmas holidays. That will complicate things, I think, I’ll definitely have to count on delays with transferring money because who even wants to work around that time! So I most likely won’t get any more money until next year.

One thing I have been delaying doing is finding a GP for the baby. Not a big thing to do or much effort, I just haven’t gotten around doing it. I’m now committed to do that in a week’s time.

I have an ultrasound and a check-up scheduled in two weeks, which is exciting – I’ll get to see how my baby is doing, what position it is in, and if it is still a boy. Until then – Pooot! :p

12 weeks pregnant! I think…


According to my calculations of how long I’m pregnant since the moment of conceiving, it was exactly 12 weeks two days ago. Glow app on my phone says I’m over 13 weeks. We’ll see what doc says and what my due date is. Again, counting 40 weeks from the date of conceiving, the due date is just before Christmas, but from the first day of the last period – around 13th December. One of my BFF’s first child was born on 13th of December. And also Taylor Swift was born on this day. 😀 What would bet the odds of that happening? The chance is not high though because very few women give birth on their actual due date.

So, I have finally marched into the second trimester. Still waiting for the glow, lol. So far, the feeling of toxicity is rarely present but does show up sometimes, which I blame on surge in hormones, as it coincides with tenderer breasts and sensitive, crampy uterus.

Also, the one thing everybody promises you is that during pregnancy your skin, nails and hair will be growing stronger, shinier and prettier than usual because of a hormone. While my nails I can’t complain about, my skin isn’t that fabulous, I’m getting some minor acne. But my hair… well it has not become stronger and shinier – I sometimes feel like it’s strawlike, dryer and falls out more than before. My hair has been falling out a lot always, but now more than even that. It’s everywhere!  I’m shedding like a cat when spring and summer comes! The little nugget inside me has been sucking the life out of me! 😀

julijs1 006

I used to have a cat. Look at that smug face after I combed all that out of him! Well, that is me now!!!

I do feel a bit more energetic now, so it isn’t too bad now. There are still a few days where I just can’t do without a nap but that’s not often. I’m quite lazy though and don’t exercise much, like should be. Walking a lot is something I do, that counts too, I guess. Not because I go on walks, but because I have to go places, ha ha!

An “interesting” thing I was “lucky” to get two weeks ago is the stomach flu! Well, that was not a good time! For two days I was trying to fight through it myself, just hydrating a lot and still trying to eat something, because, after all, the baby needs food! I might as well have not eaten anything because it just went through me without absorbing any nutrients whatsoever. On the third day I decided to finally take action and bought diarrhea meds suitable for pregnant women and children, and started taking them. By then I was VERY weak and dehydrated, and lost two kilos of precious weight. Should have started treating myself from day 1. That was basically an involuntary two day fast. I was worried about that affecting my little nugget, but I guess a woman’s body and pregnancy is built so that it would not be too much affected by such things – there are some reserves in the body that the baby can take in case of emergency, and the amniotic fluids protect it against high temperature.

On the second day of my stomach flu, I had a scheduled 12 week ultrasound for the baby, and despite me feeling poor, he/she looked very much OK, moving around and being active. Thankfully, everything is going well, everything is developed nicely, the heartbeat is nice and strong. It’s just so unbelievable how quickly it has grown from a little blob to a little human with limbs, eyes and all other organs. It has grown so big! Also, the determined age of the baby according to the size at that point, which was nearly 2 weeks ago, was 12 weeks and 2 days. So it’s growing nicely, even faster and bigger than supposed to. Take that everybody who say that vegetarian diet isn’t sufficient! In your face! 😀

In honour of finishing the first trimester, now everybody knows about the nugget – my parents, my partner’s parents, our friends (the most important ones), and my boss too. Everybody is happy and ecstatic about it, congratulating me, there’s even been some tears of joy. It’s really a relief because I’m terrible at keeping secrets and there were a few times when I almost accidentally blabbed, just because I’m used to talking about it with my partner and forget to switch the filter on. It’s also so much nicer now that I can share my experience with my BFFs and discuss every little symptom and get their advice because they both have gone through pregnancy twice. When they were pregnant, it didn’t look difficult from my viewpoint at all, and now that I’m pregnant, I understand and am able to appreciate what they went through too.

One of the things I’ve needed advice about is where to give birth. I know it’s probably a bit too early to think about that but it is on my mind quite a lot. The two options here is the Riga Childbirth House and Stradini Hospital. The first one looks nicer aesthetically but the problem with that is the quantity of women going through there, I don’t want it to feel like a conveyor belt process where I’m just the next one. I also know that the place is understaffed and underpaid, so what can you expect from a sick and tired midwife, or anybody, really? The second place one is not aesthetically pleasing at all, the building is old and intimidating, but the staff is allegedly nicer and more professional, they are better equipped. So just because of that I’m more inclined to choose the Stradini Hospital, despite the looks of the place. Like one of my friends said – when you’re in pain while in the labour process you will not care about the looks of the place, you won’t even notice any of it.

Then again, I do want to have the option to choose a water birth, or at least to try to relax in a bathtub before delivering. Or to choose the position that I’ll be in, maybe use a birthing chair, etc. The latter probably wouldn’t be a problem, but about the water birth – don’t know about Stradini Hospital, but the Childbirth House does offer that, if you pay extra for it, and also have an individual contract with a midwife or doctor, which also costs. That would round up to almost 600 euros together. I would get my special treatment though, if I paid. But the costs don’t end there – if my partner wants to stay overnight, the room for both of us, plus the baby, would cost 60 euros per day. They keep you there for three to six days, depending on your condition and if there’s been any complications. so that is a minimum of another 180 euros. Summing this up – what I want costs at least 750 euros and can reach 930 euros. If I suddenly realised that I can’t do this all and need an epidural – that also costs, nearly 300 euros. Excuse me, but I have other expenses to think about, like baby clothes, a pram, a car seat for the baby, and all other small things that add up to be a lot. I can’t afford to spend 1000 euros on just giving birth. I know, if I don’t choose anything fancy, it can be done for free. But I do want to at least have the option to have all these nice extras too!

I have been watching One Born Every Minute a lot lately, which is an awesome British show about how women give birth, it shows all the real stuff going on. The aforementioned pricing argument and also just seeing how it’s done there really makes me want to consider to go do it there. Spend less money on tickets going there and give birth there for free in any way that I want to. I do understand that I should not expect rose petals and chocolates and whatnot from England, the grass is not always greener on the other side, but from what I’ve researched, it seems a better and better idea every day. It is a big and important decision, not easy to make. Even harder to make, considering the opposition that will definitely come from my family, especially mum. Her criticism is what I fear the most, even if it isn’t there in the end. Oh, decisions, decisions… I do have a lot of time to think about all this and I am planning to go to some classes at the Stradini Hospital, see how really everything is, meet some staff members, see the rooms and wards. Maybe it isn’t too bad, I don’t know. We are also going to UK this summer, and I would very much like to go and see where I would give birth there if I chose so. Really, in the end, is it even possible to plan anything in life? When you make plans, god laughs at them, right? I might not even be well enough to go anywhere… I guess, I can just live and see how everything goes. 🙂

Tomorrow is doc appointment in honour of the first trimester ending, I’ll hear him out about my blood test results, ultrasound, ask about, the due date, what is normal and what isn’t, ask about flying  to UK this summer, etc. Hope it all goes well. 🙂